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Seamless worldwide onboarding, payroll, and benefits.
Real-time support from a team of international experts.
Build your distributed team without the headache of local compliance.

Hire, manage, and pay for talent in India, Dominican Republic, Philippines & USA.

4 Countries
India, Dominican Republic, Philippines, USA
7 Cities
Mangalore, Mysore, Bangalore, Santa Domingo, Pasig City, Louisville, San Antonio
2500 Workers
The price includes transfers, accommodation, and visa support
You have 100% control over your employees, without the headache of managing payroll and complying with local labor laws.

Benefits of a global team.
Without the headaches.

Why choose this SERVICE?
How It Works
We source people.
You select the employees.
We onboard and pay your team, manage day-to-day administration and ensure compliance with local laws.
Get the best employees wherever they are while staying 100% compliant with labor laws in your country and the country of the employee.

Benefits of working with Globalify

Why Us?
Hire for any skill or job, whether it be software development, digital marketing, customer support, IT management, graphics design or finance.

Unlike an outsourcing company, you are not restricted to any service or skill when you work with us.

Hire for any skill/job

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Trusted by business of all sizes
Whether you are a startup, mid-sized business or an enterprise, Globalify can help you become more productive and successful.